UK The Crystal Gryphon

This morning I received the 1987 Puffin edition of The Crystal Gryphon. It can be seen in the Witch World section, as well as the UK section under Collections Within the Collection.

Anthology: Amazons!

I added a 3rd printing of the anthology Amazons! which contains the Witch World short story, “Falcon Blood.” Besides the Witch World section, it can also be seen in the Anthology section and under Michael Whelan in the Cover Artists section.

Three Against the Witch World

Last week I found an Ace F-322 edition of Three Against the Witch World, which was the first publication of the book. While I already had a slightly later copy with the exact same cover, except Ace number and price, I picked it up because it was a first edition, and it was a great deal.

The book can also be found in the Ace Letter section and in the Jack Gaughan section. I also fixed the date of the other copy under the Jack Gaughan section; I had it as a 1965 edition and it was really a 1969 edition.

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