Japanese Editions!

I've managed to obtain Japanese editions of Witch World and Web of the Witch World. In addition, I've created a Japanese Editions section within Collections Within the Collection, and a section for Ichiro Takebe under Cover Artists. Those last sections also contain some interior art from the books.

Polish Witch World Book

Yesterday I received a copy of Świat Magii Czarownic, an omnibus edition of Spell of the Witch World and Lore of the Witch World, published in Poland. 

Ace "shorties" and Garan the Eternal

Added three new books: The Beast Master and The Time Traders, both Ace "shorties" from the mid-1960s. They can also be found under their cover artists, Ed Valigursky and Ed Emshwiller, respectively.

I also bought a copy of Garan the Eternal from 1986. It can be found under the Witch World section, as it contains two Witch World-related short stories.

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