Cover Artist Information

I've added information to many of the artists in the Cover Artist section, as well as links to their Wikipedia entries, websites, or some other links.

Polish Editions and New Section for Site

I've added two new Polish editions to the collection. The first is Klatwa Zarsthora, a translation of Zarsthor's Bane. It's in the WItch World Series, as well as the Cover Artists section under Boris Vallejo. The second book is Imperium Orła, a translation of Empire of the Eagles, which I don't even have yet in English!. It's in the Collection section.

Added better art for the Polish edition of Web of the Witch World, as I obtained a better copy.

I've also added a new section, Foreign Editions, which groups the various editions with their country of origin. I thought it would be nice to see all of the UK books or all of the Polish books together.

Coming soon, I hope: some biographical information on cover artists, along with links to their websites, if any.

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