Last Round

This round of updates includes all anthologies: Arabesques, A Constellation of Cats, Dangerous Magic, Familiars, Far Frontiers, Guardsmen of Tomorrow, Historical Hauntings, Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy 2: Witches, Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy 4: Spells, Knight Fantastic, Merlin, Oceans of Space, Renaissance Faire and Sisters of Fantasy. I'm not providing links, since they comprise nearly the whole Anthogies and Collections section.

I also added the following artist sections under Cover Artists: John Howe and Bob Warner.

Second Round, New Books

This round of additions includes: Perilous Dreams (1976 and 1982 editions), The Prince Commands, Seven Spells to Sunday, Shadow Hawk, Snow Shadow, Star Ka'at World, Star Rangers, Steel Magic, Velvet Shadows, The White Jade Fox, The X Factor, Yurth Burden, and The Zero Stone (1992 edition).

Created new sections under Cover Artists: Davis Meltzer, Milo, and Gray Morrow.

A Lot of New Books

In the past month or so I purchased a collection of books and it's taking a while to get them added to the site. This is the first round.

Under the Witch World Section: Zarsthor's Bane (1978 edition) and The Book of Andre Norton.

Under the Collection: Android at Arms, The Crossroads of Time, Dark Piper (1969 edition), Exiles of the Stars, The Hands of Lyr, House of Shadows, Huon of the Horn (1973 edition), Ice Crown, Iron Butterflies, Iron Cage (1981 and 1992 editions), Judgment On Janus, The Last Planet, Lavender-Green Magic, Merlin's Mirror, Night of Masks (1981 edition), Octagon Magic, The Opal-Eyed Fan, and Ordeal In Otherwhere.

Under Anthologies & Collected Works: The Book of Andre Norton, Treasures of Fantasy, and Wizard Fantastic.

More to come...

New Anthology Section

I set up a new section under Books specifically for Anthologies containing a Norton story, or Collections, containing a collection of her stories. This is in anticipation of a coming increase in my collection of those types of books. Stay tuned for more additions.

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