Spell of the Witch World

I have finally managed to acquire a copy of the 14th printing of Spell of the Witch World, which reverted to the original Jack Gaughan cover art, but with a big graphic emblazoned with “Andre Norton.” I also bought a 13th printing of Spell of the Witch World. It differs from an earlier version with the same Michael Whelan cover art in that there is no yellow box with DAW in the upper right corner as earlier DAW paperbacks had.

Gryphon in Glory

I’ve added a copy of the 4th paperback printing of Gryphon in Glory, published in 1984. It’s nearly identical to the 1983 1st printing, except that the 1st printing has a curved banner reading "First Paperback Publication" and the 4th printing’s banner reads "Science Fiction Adventure". Still looking for a 1986 printing, in which the colors of the banner font and Norton’s name are switched from the earlier versions.


Added two new books this week, with two more to come. Added a much nicer hard cover copy of The Gate of the Cat, a 1988 paperback edition of Sorceress of the Witch World, and the German edition of Warlock of the Witch World.

New Books; Site Update

In the last couple of weeks I received the last two Japanese Witch World books I did not have: Warlock of the Witch World and Sorceress of the Witch World.

Also, I’ve finally finished updating all of the pages in the site to have a consistent look and consistent information, added information about artists, and just generally cleaned up mistakes.

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