New Book and Replacement Copy

New book: 1977 edition of Warlock of the Witch World, visible here.

Replaced 1978 Zarsthor's Bane with a better copy. See it here.

Tidbit of info: Web of the Witch World

Posted a tidbit of information regarding sequel to Witch World, which had a different title than Web of the Witch World. See the link for more information.

Judgment on Janus

Added an early Ace paperback edition of Judgment on Janus.


Corrected the artist for the 1963 Ace edition of The Stars Are Ours! to Ed Valigursky, and added the book to Valigursky's section under Cover Artists.

Sorceress and Russian edition

Just added are the 1978 Ace paperback edition of Sorceress of the Witch World and a Russian edition of On Wings of Magic. The Russian book can also be seen with full cover art under Russian Books.

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