UK paperbacks

I've added three more UK editions to the Witch World Series: a Universal edition of Web of the Witch World; a Star Books edition of Trey of Swords, and a Gollancz edition of Three Against the Witch World. There is full cover art for the first two.

Art Updates

The following pages have been updated or added:

Full cover art for the 1978 Ace edition of Witch World

New art for 'Ware Hawk (hardcover) (new edition without the sticker residue on my old copy)

Full cover art for Three Against the Witch World in the Jack Gaughan section

Full cover art for Trey of Swords (paperback) in the Charles Mikolaycak section

Quag Keep/Huon of the Horn + Minor Updates

A first edition of Quag Keep, along with a first paperback edition of Huon of the Horn join the collection. Both feature covers by Jack Gaughan. A full jacket scan of Quag Keep is available in the Cover Artists: Jack Gaughan section.

In addition, I've added a full jacket scan of The Jargoon Pard in the Cover Artists: Jack Gaughan section. Also, added a link to the Andre Norton Forum at SF-Fandom, a link to Ace Doubles (& Singles) Image Library, since so many Norton books were published by Ace, and a link to a Norton Bibliography available through Amazon.

Updates to site

Added Ace books identification numbers to Ace editions. Also added cover artists to the 1973 Ace edition of Three Against the Witch World and the March 1973 edition of Victory on Janus. Added link to Ace Image Library.

Just in from the UK

Three Witch World novels from Tandem, published in 1970. Check out Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World, and Sorceress of the Witch World.

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