Cover Artists Section

Added a section showing cover art by artist. I only did those artists that had more than one cover.

2 British editions

Both are from 1878. The first is a 1978 Puffin edition of The Beast Master. The second is a 1978 Universal edition of Witch World.

A Bunch of Books

Two alternate covers: Witch World (10th Ace edition, 1984; see the Witch World Section) and Victory on Janus (2nd Ace edition, 1973; see The Collection). 

Others are Dark Piper, Dragon Magic, Forerunner, Forerunner ForayThe Mark of the Cat, Night of Masks, Sargasso of Space, Voorloper, Wheel of Stars, and Wraiths of Time (all in The Collection).

Four new additions

Nice clean paperback copies of Moon Called, The Stars Are Ours!, Trey of Swords and Horn Crown. Moon Called actually replaces a worn out, ex-library copy. Trey of Swords and Horn Crown are paperback editions to go with my hardcover editions.

Copyright 2007-2021 by Mike Grimm; cover images are copyrighted by their respective owners, are used here for illustrative purposes only, and are scans of my copies.