Lithuanian editions and Updates

Today I received three Lithuanian paperback editions: Raganų Pasaulis (Witch World), Raganų Pasaulio Voratinklis (Web of the Witch World) and Trise Prieš Raganų Pasaulį (Three Against the Witch World).

Added were a section for Lithuanian Editions in the Collections Within the Collection section, and Audrio Šimakausko in the Cover Artists section.

More German Terra Fantasy books

I added four German editions of Witch World books today, all published by Pabel in their Terra Fantasy series in the mid to late 1970s. They are Gefangene der Dämonen (Witch World), Im Netz der Magie (Web of the Witch World), Das Mädchen und der Magier (Sorceress of the Witch World) and Ingarets Fluch (Spell of the Witch World).

They can also be seen with the rest of the German collection under German Witch World Books; the first two may also be seen under cover artist Jeff Jones.

Updated Links

Updated broken links on the Home Page.

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