What's New?

Short Stories, etc.

Now available for your viewing pleasure: books in which a Scott Westerfeld short story appears. At this point only US editions are included. They can be seen by going to By Series and choosing Short Works, or looking under the US menu in By Country.

Later I'll add two more short stories which appear in the books Love is Hell and Zombies vs. Unicorns. Both of those books are also available in foreign language editions.

Box Sets and More

Today I updated the site with three different box sets of the Uglies books, the box set of the Leviathan trilogy, as well as Mind-Rain, a book about the Uglies series with an introduction by Scott.

Look for new pages over the next few weeks as I add short works of Scott's (short stories, introductions, essays, etc.) that have been published.

Cutters is Out!

Uglies: Cutters came out yesterday and I received my library's copy today. As a result, I've corrected the artwork once again. The copy I received had yellow text for the title "Uglies" just as Scott's original post had. Amazon and other online vendors were showing it with red text. There is the possibility that there are two covers, but that's not likely.

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