What's New?

Korean and Polish

The Korean and Polish editions have been finished and uploaded.

Latest Updates

Bibliographic information has been added for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, and French editions.

A bonus was discovering a new French edition of Succession (The Risen Empire and The Killing of Worlds in one volume), to be published in September of this year.

Minor tweaks with larger art work have also been done.

Today's Updates

Today's updates include: Bibliographic information for UK, Australian, Portuguese (Brazil), Bulgarian and Chinese (Simplified Chinese) editions; cleaned up ISBN numbers for the US editions, and better art for the Chinese (Simplified Chinese) edition of Uglies. In addition, foreign language editions will have the title in that particular language, along with Scott's name translated on the page for that country, if they use a non-Roman alphabet.

Example: On the Bulgarian page you'll find Scott Westerfeld in Bulgarian: Скот Уестърфелд.

Why do all of this stuff? For those who obssess about collectiong, it will help to find the books when doing a Google search. 

Tip: try the foreign title, the ISBN number, and/or Scott's name in that particular language.

New Art and Other Stuff

Added art for The Manual of Aeronautics, the new UK edition of Extras, and the preliminary cover for Uglies: Cutters, the second Uglies manga book, to be published in December 2012. Thanks to Scott for posting the last two.

I've also begun adding publishing information about the books. The US editions are done. Next up are the UK editions.

Oh, and I found and added art for the Brazilian editions of Specials, Extras and So Yesterday.

Latest Updates

Today I added a new banner graphic and finished the By Series section.

Plans for the future include a better home page, and adding bibliographic info on each book, with the title in it's native language. That may take a while, as I didn't record that information when I found the artwork.

Russian & Bulgarian Editions

Added better artwork for the Bulgarian edition of Uglies and the Russian editions of Leviathan and The Last Days.  I also found that So Yesterday has been published in Russian, so that has been added.

New Stuff

Thanks to Maali, who posted on Scott's blog, I've added 3 Estonian covers: Uglies, Pretties, and Specials. 

Also, I've added a Contact Form to the site. If anyone finds other editions that I'm missing, or larger/higher resolution artwork than I have, please let me know.

Site is live

So here is the new cover art website of Scott Westefeld's books. It's still under construction, but will hopefully be completed within a week.

Hope you enjoy it!

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