What's New?


Two updates today. First, new and correct art for the upcoming graphic novel, Uglies: Cutters (the color for the text on the cover changed from yellow to red). Secondly, I added info for the US paperback edition of Goliath. Somehow I missed the release back in August.

Don't forget, Uglies: Cutters comes out on December 4, 2012. Just a couple of weeks away!

Extra, Extra!

Extras will be published in Arabic in 2013 by كلمات عربيه للترجمه والنشر (Kalimat Arabia for Translation and Publishing, a branch of the Arab Foundation for Education and Culture). You can see it here.

French Succession and Hungarian Leviathan trailer

Updated information and art for the edition of Succession released in French back in September. 

Also, if you haven't seen it on Scott's blog, there's an awesome book trailer for the new Hungarian edition of Leviathan. Check it out below!

More Info on Hungarian Leviathan

It will be published by Ad Astra on November 22, 2012. More information here.

Italian Leviathan 3 in 1 volume/New facebook page

On November 6, 2012, Einaudi will be publishing the Leviathan trilogy in one volume (in Italian). You can see it here.

Also, I've created a new facebook page, The Books of Scott Westerfeld. Check it out!

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