What's New?

New edition of Uglies/short story

Scott mentioned the other day on his blog that Barnes & Noble is selling an exclusive (to them) edition of Uglies, with the new short story set in the Uglies world, "How David Got His Scar." It can be found here in the Uglies section, and also in the Short Works section.

Chinese Leviathan Trilogy

In 2012 Scott posted a painting that was to be the cover for the Chinese edition of Leviathan. Today I learned that all three books in the trilogy were published in 2013. Sorry, some of the art is not as large as I'd like, but I'll keep looking. Meanwhile, here are the Chinese editions of Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath.

New Japanese Behemoth

A new paperback edition of Behemoth was published in June, matching the cover style of Leviathan released last year. You can see it here with other editions of Behemoth, or here with the Japanese books.

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