What's New?

New Art Added

New, larger art has been added for the following:

Arabic: Much larger art for all three editions, along with small art for slightly different covers

Italian: Peeps

Spanish: Extras

US: Leviathan pb and Behemoth

UK: Specials, 2010 pb

It's Done!

The site is now finished.

Added today was bibliographic information for Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese additions.

All have at least some larger artwork. Also, I discovered and added Swedish editions of Pretties, Specials, and Peeps.

So that's it for the secondary phase of the site. Additions now will consist of new editions that are released and any new titles written by Scott. I know there are some editions coming out later this year and I'm hoping to find out more about them, as well as larger cover art.

Questions? Comments? Additions or corrections? Please let me know by using the Contact Form on the Right.

Nearing Completion

Today's updates include: bibliographic information for editions from Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia. and Slovenia.

Some larger artwork has been added to those languages, and corrections have been made to the publication dates for Russian editions of Blue Noon and Leviathan, and news that the Slovakian edition of Pretties won't be published until later this year.

Only four more languages to go: Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese, unless I stumble upon something else.

Enjoy browsing!

Updates and Japanese Behemoth

Bibliographic information has been added for Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian (Bokmål), and Thai editions. Some larger art has been added for these books.

The biggest news: Behemoth is now available in Japanese!

4th of July Update

Today I've added bibliographic info for Greek, Hungarian, and Indonesian editions, with some larger art. I've also added the lone book in Hebrew, Peeps (look for that under Miscellaneous Editions or under Peeps).

Just Added - Arabic Editions!

Yes, that's right. While looking for some other information, I stumbled upon Arabic editions of Uglies, Pretties and Specials. The artwork isn't very large, so if anyone out there can find larger art, please let me know.

German Editions, a Mystery, and new UK edition of Goliath

The German editions now have bibliographic information. Included are a paperback version of Behemoth and the first German edition of Goliath, both to be published later this year.

Now for the mystery: I have found two covers for a 2006 edition of Succession, published by Heyne. The only information I can find on the second, alternate cover, shows the same ISBN number as the other 2006 edition. Any help on this would be appreciated, as would a large, higher resolution picture of the cover. (The only one I've found was quite small; I've enlarged it here with a loss in quality).

Oh, some better art has been added for the German editions, as well as corrections/additions, especially for the Uglies books.

One last thing: the UK paperback edition of Goliath, to be published July 5.

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