What's New?

Bulgarian Behemoth and Other Stuff

The Bulgarian edition of Behemoth was published this year.

I've also found and added larger art for the Chinese editions of Leviathan and Behemoth.

Added larger cover art and more bibliographic information (including new publisher) for the Hungarian edition of Goliath.

Added larger cover art for the Turkish edition of Behemoth.

New edition of Goliath in Japan

A new edition of Goliath will be released on October 24 in Japan. It completes the new cover art for the series.

New Brazilian editions of Uglies series

Galera Record will publish new editions of the Uglies series in Brazil in 2015. They feature cover art that extends across all four covers. Details and larger art as soon as I can find them. Meanwhile, check them out on the Brazilian editions page, or under each title.


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