What's New?

Short Stories from Australia and Brazil

You can now see the Australian and Brazilian versions of Zombies vs. Unicorns, which contain the story "Inoculata" and the Brazilian version of Love is Hell, which contains the short story "Stupid Perfect World."

More Short Stories

Thanks to a snow day for school today, I had some time to work on the website. I've added art for two short stories: "Stupid Perfect World" in Love is Hell and "Inoculata" in Zombies vs. Unicorns. Also tidied up a few things which bugged me.

Russian Cover Art and a New Look

Today I've updated the cover art for the Russian 2012 edition of The Last Days and added a page for the Russian 2012 edition of Blue Noon. Also added a page for a Russian book that contains the short story "The Movements of Her Eyes."

The site design has been changed. Hopefully it will be a little easier to use on the image pages (not as much scrolling).

More art updates

In the last couple of days I've added larger art for the US versions of Peeps, Mind-Rain and Future Games. Also added cover artists for the 2006 US edition of Peeps and also for Mind-Rain.

I need to get more short works added, but have been short on time.

Larger art

Added larger, better art for Bogus to Bubbly and the Italian 3-in-1 Leviathan trilogy.

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