More Polish editions

Yesterday I received two Polish editions of Witch World books: Troje przeciw Światu Czarownic (Three Against the Witch World) and Brama Kota (The Gate of the Cat). Both have cover art by Steve Crisp and can be found in his section under Cover Artists, as well as in the Polish editions under Books--Collections Within the Collection.

French Editions

I just received these two books the day after Christmas: French edition of Witch World (L'arche du temps) and Web of the Witch World (La vallée dans l'ombre). They can be found in the Witch World section under Books, in the new French Editions section (Collections within the Collection under Books), and with full cover art in the new Christophe Kro section under Cover Artists.

A Very Merry Christmas!

My big surprise was that my family went together and bought me copy of Were-Wrath. It's number 75 of only 177 hand-printed copies.

Tales of the Witch World 4 (Polish edition)

Today I added a copy of Opowieści ze Świata Czarownic Tom 4 (Tales of the Witch World 3). It can be found under Books--Witch World, Books--Collections Within the Collection--Polish Editions, and Cover Artists--Steve Crisp.

More Foreign Language Links

Added links for French, Spanish, and another German site with Norton bibliographies and cover art. See the links on the Home page.

Foreign Language Editions

Links to various foreign language sites featuring Norton's books have been relocated to their own area at the side. Also added a link to a massive Russian bibliography site.

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