Witch World Anthologies

First edition hardcover editions of Flight of Vengeance (Witch World: The Turning Book 2), Tales of the Witch World, and Tales of the Witch World 2 have been added.

New books

First editions of Web of the Witch World and The Crystal Gryphon join the collection. They mark my 99th & 100th Norton books. Both are also featured in the Jack Gaughan section of Cover Artists. Not really new, but I obtained a better copy of Year of the Unicorn, so the better artwork has been put in place.

Rodney Matthews cover paintings

Medium-sized images of all of Rodney Matthews' covers for the Witch World books have been added in the Cover Artists section.

Minor updates

Added full cover art for the first edition of Moon of Three Rings. Also added the artist's name for the first paperback edition of Dread Companion.

Rodney Matthews

Added two confirmed images of Witch World covers by Matthews. The images are very small, but will help show the style of the covers he did. I don't yet own copies of those books (Universal editions of Sorceress of the Witch World and Spell of the Witch World), but am looking for copies.

Also added a link to the right to a relatively new Witch World Wiki.

Additions & Corrections

New books to the collection: hardcover editions of The Warding of the Witch World, Four From the Witch World, and a replacement hardcover copy of Horn Crown. Also, a UK paperback edition of Three Against the Witch World from Universal. 

Art additions: full cover art for Horn Crown and the Universal Three Against was added. Also added a section under Cover Artists for Rodney Matthews, with cover art for the UK Universal editions I own (he seems to be the artist for all of them).

Corrections: Changed artist for the UK Universal edition of Witch World from Philip Castle to Rodney Matthews; moved cover art from section on Castle to section on Matthews. Moved Silver May Tarnish from Book 11 of the Estcarp Cycle to Book 11 of the High Hallack Cycle. Corrected title of Norton's first published book on the Home Page.

Copyright 2007-2021 by Mike Grimm; cover images are copyrighted by their respective owners, are used here for illustrative purposes only, and are scans of my copies.