Ukrainian Book and Dust Jacket

Today I received a copy of the new Ukrainian edition of Web of the Witch World. I also discovered earlier in the month that the Ukrainian edition of Witch World has a dust jacket with different art than the actual cover. The seller of the new book was kind enough to include the dust jacket I had not received from him earlier, so the page has been updated to show both the dust jacket and illustrated cover.

I’ve also created a new Ukrainian Books section in the Collections Within the Collections section of the site.

New Books

Yesterday I received a package from Curious Book Shop in East Lansing, MI. In it were several Andre Norton books, a thank you for a contribution to their GoFundMe campaign during the coronavirus shutdown. I received a book club edition of Elvenblood, a nicer copy of Perilous Dreams than I had, an earlier, Ace letter edition of Judgment on Janus, and a copy of The Key of the Keplian. That one was interesting. It looked different from what I remembered about my copy. Upon comparison, I found the new one was a 1st printing, which has embossed letters for the authors’ names, the title, and the series banner. The 2nd printing that I had lacks the embossing.

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