New ebooks, Cover Artist

I’ve added an ebook section under Collections, eight new ebook editions of Witch World books (see the ebook section to find them easily), and a new cover artist, Ian Koviak.

New Book

Added the mass market paperback edition of On Wings of Magic; in the Witch World section and under Cover Artist Dennis A. Nolan.

First Book of the Year

My first book of the year is a replacement for my Gregg Press edition of Witch World. The old one was an ex-library copy; the new one is not.


I received a Kindle for Christmas, so I downloaded a couple of free Norton omnibuses (Star Soldiers, and Time Traders) and bought some Witch World books (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, and Year of the Unicorn).

I am not going to attempt to collect foreign language ebooks, so don’t look for those here.

Oh, and I added a new cover artist, Matt Forsyth.

Oops, I Was Wrong

I unexpectedly received a paperback copy of The Gates to Witch World for Christmas.

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