French Anthology

Added a French anthology of fantasy stories, Le manoir des roses, which contains the short story "Dream Smith," set in Witch World. It can be seen on the Witch World page and on the French books page in Collections Within the Collection.

German Anthology

Added a German anthology, Vier Ellen Drachenhaut, containing the Witch World story “Spider Silk."

Russian Witch World

After waiting nearly a month, my 1990 Russian edition of Witch World has arrived. It can be seen on the Witch World page, as well as the Russian Books page.

New Book, New Cover Artist

Today I added a hardcover edition of Flashing Swords! #2, which contains the Witch World short story “The Toads of Grimmerdale.”

I also added a section under Cover Artists for Frank Frazetta.

Paperback Silver May Tarnish

Added the mass-market paperback edition of Silver May Tarnish.

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