New ebook

I’ve added The Secrets of the Witch World to my ebook collection.

Christmas Gift

Almost forgot to post this. I received the new reprint trade paperback edition of Songsmith for Christmas this year.


Yesterday I went to my public library’s book sale and came away with five Norton hardcovers for a buck apiece. The are The Warding of Witch World (nicer copy), Brother to Shadows, The Mark of the Cat, To the King a Daughter, and Wind in the Stone.

Oh, and that brings my total of Norton books to 400!

UK The Crystal Gryphon

This morning I received the 1987 Puffin edition of The Crystal Gryphon. It can be seen in the Witch World section, as well as the UK section under Collections Within the Collection.

Anthology: Amazons!

I added a 3rd printing of the anthology Amazons! which contains the Witch World short story, “Falcon Blood.” Besides the Witch World section, it can also be seen in the Anthology section and under Michael Whelan in the Cover Artists section.

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