Fantasy Stories

I’m adding three different editions of Fantasy Stories (1994, 1998, 2003), edited by Diana Wynne Jones. The title includes the Norton short story “Ully the Piper.” All three editions can be found under the Witch World books, as well as the Anthologies and Collections page.

Books, Books, Books

Made a trip to John K. King Books in Detroit today and came away with seven Norton books: The Elvenbane; Flight in Yiktor; Dare to Go A-Hunting; Firehand; Atlantis Endgame; Forerunner: The Second Venture; and The Shadow of Albion. All can be seen in Books —>Non-Witch World Books, or click on the above links.

I’ve also added a Walter Velez section in Cover Artists.

Storm Over Warlock

Today I ventured out to a bookstore for the first time during the pandemic. We were the only ones in the store besides the employee working. I found an Ace F-109 edition of Storm Over Warlock. It could be in nicer condition, but will do for now.

Ukrainian Book and Dust Jacket

Today I received a copy of the new Ukrainian edition of Web of the Witch World. I also discovered earlier in the month that the Ukrainian edition of Witch World has a dust jacket with different art than the actual cover. The seller of the new book was kind enough to include the dust jacket I had not received from him earlier, so the page has been updated to show both the dust jacket and illustrated cover.

I’ve also created a new Ukrainian Books section in the Collections Within the Collections section of the site.

New Books

Yesterday I received a package from Curious Book Shop in East Lansing, MI. In it were several Andre Norton books, a thank you for a contribution to their GoFundMe campaign during the coronavirus shutdown. I received a book club edition of Elvenblood, a nicer copy of Perilous Dreams than I had, an earlier, Ace letter edition of Judgment on Janus, and a copy of The Key of the Keplian. That one was interesting. It looked different from what I remembered about my copy. Upon comparison, I found the new one was a 1st printing, which has embossed letters for the authors’ names, the title, and the series banner. The 2nd printing that I had lacks the embossing.

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