GURPS’ Witch World

I’ve added a copy of GURPS’ Witch World to my collection. I also created a separate Miscellaneous section, moving my copy of Lan’s Lantern there and adding the GURPS book there.

First Editions and Russian Book

Just acquired three Norton first edition hardcovers: ‘Ware Hawk, Silver May Tarnish, and Leopard in Exile. I also added a Russian translation of Masters of Fantasy, an anthology that contains the Witch World short story “Earthborne.”

Corrections were made to the SFBC editions of ‘Ware Hawk and Silver May Tarnish.

Site Tweaks and Updates

Changed the design of the site, just for fun.

Also added the cover artist for Die Braut des Tiermenschen (the German edition of Year of the Unicorn).

Heroic Fantasy Anthology

Today I received an anthology of fantasy/sword and sorcery stories called Heroic Fantasy. It contains the Witch World novella “Sand Sister.”

I’ve also added a nicer copy of the 1978 Ace printing of Web of the Witch World.

French Anthology

Added a French anthology of fantasy stories, Le manoir des roses, which contains the short story "Dream Smith," set in Witch World. It can be seen on the Witch World page and on the French books page in Collections Within the Collection.

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