New Russian Editions

Monday I received two 2017 Russian editions. One is of Witch World, and the other is an omnibus containing Witch World, Web of the Witch World, and Three Against the Witch World.

Russian Omnibus

Added a Russian omnibus edition containing Lore of the Witch World, Were-Wrath, and Zarsthor’s Bane.

Russian Book; New Cover Artist

Added a 1991 Russian edition of Web of the Witch World.

Added a new cover artist, E. Olifina.

Czech Books

I have finally managed to buy all of the Witch World books published in the Czech Republic. The easiest place to see them is in the new Czech Editions page under Books > Collections Within the Collection. Six of the eight books had covers done by Steve Crisp, and they have been added to his section of Cover Artists. Many thanks to Knihkupectví Wales for working with me; apparently they had never shipped books to the US before.

GURPS’ Witch World

I’ve added a copy of GURPS’ Witch World to my collection. I also created a separate Miscellaneous section, moving my copy of Lan’s Lantern there and adding the GURPS book there.

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