First Book of the Year

My first book of the year is a replacement for my Gregg Press edition of Witch World. The old one was an ex-library copy; the new one is not.


I received a Kindle for Christmas, so I downloaded a couple of free Norton omnibuses (Star Soldiers, and Time Traders) and bought some Witch World books (Witch World, Web of the Witch World, and Year of the Unicorn).

I am not going to attempt to collect foreign language ebooks, so don’t look for those here.

Oh, and I added a new cover artist, Matt Forsyth.

Oops, I Was Wrong

I unexpectedly received a paperback copy of The Gates to Witch World for Christmas.

Last Book of 2017 (probably)

The last book I’m likely to add in 2017 is a Russian omnibus containing Year of the Unicorn, Sorceress of the Witch World, and three Witch World short stories.

Updated Artist Information

I just discovered who the artist was for the recent Polish Witch World books: Tomasz Maroński. I’ve created a section for his art under Cover Artists, and updated the associated book pages under The Witch World Series and Polish Editions.

I also found out that the artist for the Spanish edition of Witch World (Mundo de Brujas) did the cover for Die Braut des Tiermenschen (the German edition of Year of the Unicorn). His name is Enric Torres-Prat. I’ve added the information on the appropriate pages and created a section for him under Cover Artists.

And I discovered that Jeff Jones did the cover art for Angriff Der Schatten, the German edition of Warlock of the Witch World. That has also been added to the appropriate pages.

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