Horn Crown, US, 1981 hc


Published by DAW/Science Fiction Book Club, 1981; no ISBN; SFBC #5525 with gutter code L29; 211 pages; 5.6 x 8.5 inches; hardcover. It features a cover painting by Jack Woolhiser. The full artwork is below.

Note: According to ISFDB.org, there were two verified printings in 1981. One had a gutter code of L29 on page 210, signifying printing in  July 1981. There is a verified reprint with code L33, signifying August 1981. I have another copy with a gutter code of N51. I am not sure what that means, since I can’t find anything about Horn Crown with that gutter code, but it should signify a December 1983 printing. I need to verify this.


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