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Life is a journey of trial and error. Travel with one woman as she searches her soul for meaning in her life in the midst of mental illness and physical illness that are sometimes looked down upon by the Christian community. Along the way there are many trials and many errors in her thinking, but there is also the spiritual, Christ-centered, corrections that keep her from falling into the ultimate pit of self-destruction and suicide. It is a story filled with hope.

Thirty percent of the proceeds from this book are being donated to Open Hearts Ministry. Open Hearts is a ministry that equips people around the world to face their own wounds and walk with others in a spirit of grace, truth and hope that comes from a growing faith in the Redeemer of our stories, Jesus Christ.

About the author

Mary B. Grimm is a wife, mother, teacher, and writer who on a daily basis deals with being bipolar, alcoholic, diabetic, psychologically challenged and what it means to be a Christian.

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