Sony Audio Lab System

In 1979 I purchased most of what became my main listening system for many years. It was mostly Sony Audio Lab equipment. The Audio Lab series was an upper end series, similar to Sony's ES series of today. According to Axel of, Audio Lab was a marketing label used only in the US and Canada, but it was similar to the ES and Esprit lines that Sony later sold. In fact, in looking at my old paperwork, Sony actually had a four-year warranty on the Audio Lab equipment, versus two years on its other equipment. 

All of it was purchased at The Stereo Shoppe, located at the time in East Lansing, MI and, until recently, in Lansing, MI. Sadly, The Stereo Shoppe closed May 18, 2007 after 40 years in business.

Photos are of my actual equipment except for those of the TC-K8B Cassette Deck, which are scanned directly from the sales brochure.

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